PROForma Wet Floor Former

The innovation and design of the PROForma is to help overcome the difficulties faced by installers who would usually form their own floors. The PROForma provides a cost-effective, labour saving ‘wet floor’ shower area suitable for wooden or solid floors.

Features and Benefits

  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for timber, solid and floating floors
  • Saves on installation time and eliminates the need for creating difficult gradients
  • No notching out of joists required
  • 22mm depth
  • Can be tiled onto or covered in vinyl
  • All sizes are trimmable and reversible to avoid joist obstruction
  • 17mm pre-formed gradient on all sizes
  • Offset waste
  • Waste pump compatible
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Full range of sizes available


The PROForma can be installed into an existing timber floor by removing the floorboards and fixing the former directly onto the joists, using noggins to support all edges of the PROForma. The floor should be brought level with the former to accommodate a suitable floor covering.


The PROForma can be installed into an existing concrete floor via excavation of designated area to a sufficient depth to allow for levelling of tray and accommodation of waste and pipework, then setting the floor former level with the remainder of the shower room floor, ready for a suitable floor covering.

PROForma 800 x 800

Code: 32-00007

PROForma 900 x 900

Code: 32-00008

PROForma 1000 x 1000

Code: 32-00001

PROForma 1150 x 760

Code: 32-00002

PROForma 1200 x 1200

Code: 33-00001

PROForma 1300 x 800

Code: 32-00004

PROForma 1350 x 850

Code: 32-00003

PROForma 1400 x 900

Code: 32-00005

PROForma 1400 x 1000

Code: 34-00020

PROForma 1500 x 800

Code: 32-00006

PROForma 1700 x 700

Code: 34-00001

PROForma 1700 x 800

Code: 34-00002

PROForma 1800 x 850

Code: 34-00003