Adjustable Bathroom Solutions

Here at PROCare we work closely with our commercial partner Pressalit Care and are able to provide a full design service for adjustable bathroom solutions.

The track is the foundation of Pressalit Care’s products for adjustable bathroom solutions. The horizontal track makes it possible to slide products along the wall, changing their position to achieve a different layout for the room. The vertical track allows adjustment of the product’s height. By combining the horizontal and vertical tracks, maximum flexibility is achieved, for the benefit of both user and carer.

This unique tracking system allows rooms to be entirely reconfigured in minutes and removes the need for refurbishment and renovation should the user’s needs change, or if new users start using the room. The flexibility of the tracking system means that products can be easily adapted to make more space, helping users and carers to move more freely within the room.

Changing Places Options


  • WC
  • Ceiling hoist and track
  • Height adjustable adult-sized changing
  • Wash Hand Basin
  • Drop down rail
  • Vertical grab rail
  • Mobile privacy screen
  • Wide paper roll dispenser for use on the changing table (Not Shown)
  • Full length mirror (Not Shown)
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Alarm pull cord
  • Waste disposal bin
  • Large sanitary disposal bin (Not Shown)
  • Manually operated hand-dryer
  • Two clothes hooks, at 1051mm and 1400mm above the floor (Not Shown)
  • Sanitary towel dispenser (Not Shown)
  • Alarm reset button (Not Shown)
  • Horizontal grab rail
  • Floor drain
  • Shower

Benches & Showering Benches

Pressalit Care showering and changing benches are very versatile and suitable for showering or changing immobile patients, delivering nursing care, completing Changing Places facilities (fully accessible public toilets).

Mostly wall-mounted and conveniently able to be pushed up out of the way when not in use, the height adjustable showering and changing benches may be controlled either manually or electrically with a hand-held remote, depending on the model chosen. This allows them to be lowered to a suitable height for side transfer from a wheelchair and then raised to a comfortable and safe working height for the carer.

Models within the range provide a stable platform suitable for changing or washing both adults and children in a variety of settings, including schools and daycare centres, hospitals, institutions and private homes.

There are also fixed height benches available. Our showering and changing benches have an integrated water collection tray with an outlet which prevents water splashing either carers or the floor.