Whale Switch Connect Tray Kit Shower Pump

Whale Switch Connect Tray Kit - 285-00001

The original automatic shower drain kit with proven reliability is now combined with 12 pump speed settings, Active Link diagnostics and Whale Whisper gulley options.

  • 12 pump speed settings designed to suit electric and mixer shower installations
  • Adjustable pump speed minimises gulley suction noise
  • Quiet gulley - Whale Whisper wet floor gulley option available (BP1578)
  • High performance. Draws 3 metres from gulley. Lifts 0.5 metre. Pumps up 1 metre

The transformer includes patented Active Link diagnostics

  • Light indicates power present when test button is pressed
  • Light indicates flow switch operation
  • Aids installation and maintenance 

Note. For mixer shower installations an additional flow switch is required - Part No. AK1570



Whale Switch Connect