Shower Rails

Shower Curtain Rails

The PROCare range of shower rails provide a strong and stable fit, to suit your specific requirements. All rails are supplied complete with hooks and gliders. Our range is available in a white or silver finish, in a wide range of sizes.

Made to Measure Service

We offer a custom made-to-measure service and can supply shower rails and Shower Curtains to fit over windows, shower seats and are also suitable for track hoist installations.

Shower Rail

Curtain Retainer

Curtain Retainer
White Code: 165-00003
Silver Code: 165-00002

Effective when fitted over a wet floor, where no shower doors required
Stops the curtain from moving away from the wall 
Prevents water over-spray 
Curtain can be removed for washing

Shower Curtain Retainer


Straight Rail

Straight Rail 72" White
White Code: 160-00023
Silver Code: 160-00022

Straight Rail 96"
White Code: 160-00025
Silver Code: 160-00024


Straight Curtain Rail

Angled Rail

Angled Rail 1000mm x 1000mm
White Code: 160-00002
Silver Code: 166-00007

Angled Rail 1000mm x 1830mm
White Code: 160-00003
Silver Code: 160-00004

Angled Rail 1200mm x 1200mm
White Code: 160-00006
Silver Code: 160-00005

Angled Rail

U Shaped Rail

U Rail 750mm x 900mm x 750mm
White Code: 160-00032
Silver Code: 159-00019

U Rail 900mm x 1100mm x 900mm
White Code: 160-00033
Silver Code: 159-00020

U Rail 1000mm x 850mm x 1000mm
White Code: 160-00040
Silver Code: 159-00016

U Rail 1000mm x 950mm x 1000mm
White Code: 160-00038
Silver Code: 159-00017

U Rail 1000mm x 1000mm x 1000mm
White Code: 160-00031
Silver Code: 159-00009

U Rail 1000mm x 1150mm x 1000mm
White Code: 160-00027
Silver Code: 159-00010




U Shaped Rail

U Shaped Rail

U Rail 1150mm x 1150mm x 1150mm
White Code:160-00039
Silver Code:159-00018

U Rail 1000mm x 1250mm x 1000mm
White Code:160-00028
Silver Code:159-00011

U Rail 1000mm x 1350mm x 1000mm
White Code:160-00029
Silver Code:159-00012

U Rail 1000mm x 1450mm x 1000mm
White Code:160-00030
Silver Code:160-00043

U Rail 1000mm x 1650mm x 1000mm
White Code:160-00042
Silver Code:159-00015

U Rail 1000mm x 1550mm x 1000mm
White Code:159-00014
Silver Code:159-00010

U Rail Various Sizes
White Code:160-00034
Silver Code:159-00021


U Shaped Rail