Low Lipped Shower Tray

PROCare supply a range of low lipped level access trays to meet the demands when a full wet floor former is not an option. The tray is compatible with our high-flow easy clean waste.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides low entry access with only a 10mm lip
  • High-flow easy clean waste
  • Gravity or pumped option
  • Bath replacement sizes
  • Left or right hand options available (right hand illustrated below)
  • Suitable for solid or wooden floor construction
  • Durable slip resistant base
  • Integrated upstand and tiling lip
  • Hard wearing and easy to clean


The Lowton Shower Tray can be installed into an existing timber floor by removing the floorboards and setting the tray onto the joists and in-fill panels, leaving the outer edges of the tray sat on top of the finished floor and level.


The Lowton Shower Tray can be installed on an existing concrete floor by removing the screed to a sufficient depth and setting the tray and waste in place, ensuring the tray is level.

Lowton LH 1200 x 700

Code: 35-00003

Lowton RH 1200 x 700

Code: 35-00002

Lowton LH 1800 x 700

Code: 35-00007

Lowton LH 1200 x 800

Code: 35-00004

Lowton RH 1200 x 800

Code: 35-00009

Lowton RH 1800 x 700

Code: 35-00012

Lowton LH 1500 x 700

Code: 35-00005

Lowton RH 1500 x 700

Code: 35-00010

Lowton LH 1800 x 800

Code: 35-00008

Lowton LH 1500 x 800

Code: 35-00006

Lowton RH 1500 x 800

Code: 35-00011

Lowton RH 1800 x 800

Code: 35-00013